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Tech Neck

man using phoneGiven the enormous amount of time many people, particularly teens, spend on their digital devices, they often suffer from the modern-day malady known as ‘tech neck’. This term describes the forward positioning of the head from one’s shoulders, which is becoming more prevalent in our digital age.

This posture imbalance, caused primarily by overusing tech devices, can lead to serious health consequences. The head’s weight, akin to that of a bowling ball, essentially doubles for each centimetre it juts forward from the shoulders. This overloads the upper and lower neck joints and the discs in the neck.

The Domino Effect

Not just a superficial issue, tech neck can pave the way for more serious conditions such as osteoarthritis and disc herniations in the neck. Symptomatic headaches and migraines can also be traced back to this tech-related posture issue.

Chiropractic & Proactive Measures

Chiropractic adjustments help restore proper alignment and mobility to the spine, which may alleviate the strain on the neck caused by tech neck.

In addition to getting chiropractic care, it’s a good idea to raise your digital device to eye level. For casual use, like while on the couch, a pillow can be an impromptu stand to elevate your device. For more formal setups, such as workstations, investing in a sit-stand desk and alternating between positions every 30 minutes can greatly reduce the strain on your neck.

Tech Neck and Children

Kids are particularly vulnerable to tech neck, given how digital devices play a central role in their education and recreation. Maintaining device screens at eye level, and encouraging regular breaks, are some strategies to keep children’s posture in check.

Know Before It’s Too Late

Before noticeable symptoms of tech neck set in, taking precautionary action is best. Regular posture assessments, especially for children entering the digital world, can be invaluable in detecting early signs and implementing preventive measures.

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