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Chiropractic for Lower Back Pain

woman on fancy couch with back painChiropractor Dr Laura Priestley frequently helps patients with lower back pain alleviate their discomfort, regain their mobility, and resume doing all the things they love to do through her practice, Zest Chiropractic.

It’s her goal to educate as many families as possible back to a state of optimal health through the holistic adjustments chiropractic care provides.

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Addressing Your Symptoms and Underlying Causes

If you are suffering from a decrease in range of motion and that radiating, chronic pain, you aren’t alone. Lower back pain is the second leading cause of disability and the leading cause of mistakes in the workplace in Australia.

A solution to the pain doesn’t have to come by way of harsh pharmaceutical medication or invasive surgery, however. A comprehensive chiropractic care plan at Zest Chiropractic will get you back on your feet and living your life once more!

Lower back pain can be considered either acute, which means it started suddenly over a short period of time, or it can be chronic, which means it has been going on for more than six months.

Lower back pain can be caused by several different underlying issues. Your spinal joints could be locked up, or what chiropractors call, “subluxated”. It can also be caused by a muscle sprain or strain, or from a disc bulge or a disc herniation.

Be Proactive About Your Health

When you arrive for your chiropractic appointment, Dr Laura (Chiropractor) will take you through a thorough health history and assessment to find out what’s caused your lower back pain. The style and frequency of adjustments will then be tailored to the patient’s lifestyle, work life, and their goals as they relate to their former level of activity and what they’d like to return to following care.

Spinal adjustments will be done to restore normal spinal function in the area, which is going to take pressure off the nerves in the area to rehabilitate weak muscles in the lobe, which is usually the glutes and the abdominal muscles.

She will also provide appropriate lifestyle advice for taking strain off the lower back. This will include tips for an ergonomically correct workspace, proper lifting techniques, postural corrections to practice, and effective at-home stretches to try for your various muscle groups involved in keeping the lower back in good health.

Call Today for a Pain-Free Tomorrow

A recent Harvard University study recommended chiropractic to be the number one method for alleviating chronic lower back pain. If you’ve endured the effects for too long and it’s preventing you from doing the things you love to do – or even just the things you have to do – it’s time to pay Dr Laura a visit and try chiropractic yourself.

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