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Meet Dr Laura Priestley

A Passion for Natural Health


Laura grew up in a family that took an interest in natural health, and she began seeing a chiropractor at the age of 8 – whenever her body wasn’t functioning at its peak, chiropractic care was the first line of defence to help her body heal itself naturally.

When she was 18, her father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Rather than subject his body to surgery and harsh chemotherapy drugs, he travelled to Bali to learn more about leading a natural, healthy, low-toxicity lifestyle. His protocol included meditation, yoga, stress management and chiropractic care, and after incorporating these changes into his life, he has been cancer-free, healthier and happier than ever, for 12 years now.

Seeing the power of reducing stress while optimising nervous system health through chiropractic care inspired Laura to become a chiropractor herself so she could teach people to live their healthiest lives, long-term.

Education and Experience

Laura attended RMIT, graduating in 2018 with a double degree in applied science and health science, focused on chiropractic. She has advanced training in Sacro-occipital technique (SOT), Thompson Technique and Syntropy adjusting.

After graduating, she worked for several years in Victoria and Queensland, both as an associate and in her own private practices. In 2023, she moved to the Gold Coast so she could live close to the beach. She opened Zest Chiropractic in Robina because it’s home to the many young families, tradies and office workers that she’s passionate about helping.

Education is at the forefront of Laura’s approach to care, and she is committed to helping patients understand the choices they can make to help ensure a healthier lifestyle and keep their bodies functioning optimally for life.

Away from the Office

When she’s not at the office, Laura is a bit of a snow skiing junkie. When that’s not possible, she loves going to the gym, taking walks, hiking, camping and doing anything outdoors, especially with family and friends.

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