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Put Lower Back Pain in Your Past With Chiropractic Care

woman working at deskWhether you’re an office worker sitting for hours at your desk or a trade labourer who frequently lifts and carries heavy objects, you may be dealing with lower back discomfort. And you’re certainly not alone.

Lower back pain is the second leading cause of disability and the leading cause of missed days in the workplace in Australia. “So, low back pain is very common for us to see as chiropractors,” said Dr Laura Priestley.

This type of natural care may provide valuable relief. In fact, Harvard Health Publishing discusses the role of chiropractic care as a helpful primary therapy for lower back pain.

What Are Some Common Causes?

Lower back pain can be from an acute cause, meaning it’s come on within the last couple of weeks. However, it can also be chronic, which means it has been going on for more than six months; this type is quite common.

The culprits behind this discomfort are usually things like a locked-up spinal joint, a muscle sprain or strain, a disc bulge or herniation or a facet joint strain. Spotted early, these conditions can be managed quite well to avoid interfering with your daily tasks and overall lifestyle.

Chiropractic Care & the Role of Exercises and Stretches

The first step in relieving your discomfort is getting a comprehensive evaluation. Laura will determine the cause of your pain and use spinal adjustments to restore your spine’s normal function. She also will recommend exercises and stretches to strengthen your weaker muscles and offer advice on lifestyle changes to improve your posture.

Prevention Tactics: Work and Home

As we all know, prevention is better than cure. Understanding how to adapt your work and home environments to your body can help prevent back pain. For instance, office dwellers should consider an ergonomic workstation, while those in physically demanding jobs should use proper lifting techniques. Moreover, tasks like breastfeeding or lifting kids can wreak havoc on your back, so it’s important to maintain good posture at all times.

Providing Customised, Not Cookie-Cutter Care

At Zest Chiropractic, we don’t believe in taking a one-size-fits-all approach to care. Its strength lies in its bespoke approach, with Laura taking the time to understand your unique needs and lifestyle. She designs her recommendations to match your personal and professional demands, ensuring you get the best possible guidance.

Take That First Step Towards Relief

Don’t let back pain hold you back. A personalised chiropractic consultation with Laura could be the key to addressing your discomfort right at its source. So why wait? Book your appointment today and take your first step towards better spinal health.

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