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Protect Your Child's Spine: Choosing the Right Backpack for School

rocket-boy-sqIn a world where schoolchildren are at risk of long-term spinal damage due to poorly designed backpacks, parents need to be informed of the correct choices to minimise the impact on their children. Dr Laura, from Zest Chiropractic, sheds light on this pressing issue and offers valuable insights on selecting the perfect backpack for your child.

Research reveals alarming statistics – a whopping 94% of backpacks are not worn correctly, with nearly 70% of students carrying more than 10% of their body weight. Dr. Laura emphasises the importance of proper backpack usage to prevent back and neck problems in the future.

The Importance of Fit and Functionality in a Backpack

A well-fitted backpack is key to your child’s spinal health. Dr Laura recommends backpacks with broad, adjustable shoulder straps and waist straps to evenly distribute weight and hold the pack firmly to the spine. Backpacks should not exceed 10-15% of the child’s body weight and should be no wider than their chest.

At Zest Chiropractic, we highlight the Chiropak by Spartan – the only school backpack endorsed by the CAA(Vic), with some of the proceeds earmarked to support spinal health research. These backpacks prioritise comfort, functionality, and spinal alignment, offering parents peace of mind.

Dr Laura provides practical advice for parents and children, including tips to prevent backache, like using both shoulder straps, avoiding overloading the backpack, and bending at the knees when lifting. These simple steps significantly reduce the risk of back pain and discomfort.

Make the Right Choice for
Your Child’s Future Health

Choosing the right backpack is more than a matter of style – it’s about safeguarding your child’s spinal health. With Dr Laura’s expert guidance and practical tips, parents can make informed decisions to protect their children from long-term spinal damage.

Families are encouraged to visit Zest Chiropractic for a spinal check to ensure their child’s well-being. Dr Laura and her team are dedicated to promoting spinal health and providing customised care for every patient. Call today to book!


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